TUF Club offers personal training services tailored to meet any achiever’s needs: personalized one-on-one training, online coaching and fitness programming, subscription based and self-guided approaches.  TUF Club has a fitness solution that will help you keep yourself accountable. 

Closeup of a woman in a pink shirt about to perform a squat with the assistance of a TUF Club trainer


Complete fitness starts and stops with a strong foundation. From track & field experts to Men’s Physique competitors, TUF Club has trainers focused on a variety of particular strength and toning needs. TUF Club is a JUDGMENT FREE ZONE; the only thing we’ll ask you to compare yourself against is yesterday’s performance.

A TUF Club member wearing a black TUF Club t-shirt with 30 pound dumbbells stretched out in each arm.


What good is the strongest body if it can’t last? Endurance training, aerobic conditioning, cross training, and HITT (high intensity interval training) are all part of our core philosophy and our trainers are always consulting one another for fun and active ways to refresh and elevate our clients’ aerobic intensity. 

A person wearing Nike running shoes running up the stairs with only their legs showing.


There is no one size fits all solution to properly fuel your body – especially true if you are putting it through any additional stress (like a terrible work week, or like a fantastic workout). TUF Club works with a Nutrition Counselor available to help guide clients’ individual recovery efforts and progress towards whole body health.

A green, peach, and berry smoothy sitting next to each other in glass mason jars with straws.


TUF Club offers yoga, deep stretching, and other health sustaining technique. Mindful stretching and posture control are critical in whole body fitness. Monica Mekhala offers Hatha, Gentle Deep Stretch, Heated Flow and Vinyasa style classes to support recovery, avoid injury, and keep moving with maximum energy. 

2 TUF Club members wearing black practice Yoga with a mirror and astroturf behind them.


TUF Club works for the community, first and foremost. That said, we have the great pleasure of working with a number of next level athletes who are truly elite performers in their sport. High school or college athlete maximizing performance potential, or professional athletes working to stay at the top of the game, we can help.

TUF Club trainer Durias Henry competing in Men's Physique competition


TUF Club works with ALL body types. Some bodies require adaptive methods to achieve maximum results. People in wheelchairs, people missing limbs, people who are blind, Wes Hamilton can help you plan an adaptive training program with your best life in mind.