Adaptive Training expert, Wes Hamilton, is on a mission to empower communities.

Wes Hamilton working out with a heavy rope in his wheelchair

We couldn’t be prouder to call this adaptive training expert, and founder of Disabled But Not Really, a TUF Club trainer, affiliate, and friend. Wes is significantly more than just an inspiring story. He starts his public messaging with the imperative: “don’t let your struggle be your identity.” Beyond his own struggle, Wes has built 2 successful businesses, a prominent (and likable) public image, and a burgeoning empire around his focus on empowering everyBODY to achieve at maximum potential.


Wes is on a mission at Disabled But Not Really to help people who live with disabilities forge confident and courageous lives. Wes instills a sense of the limitless in his clients and in the communities with whom he works. As personal fitness and training experts, we’re all about embracing challenge at the TUF Club. No one embodies that mentality more than Wes and his persistence of hope and his insistence that challenge will not stop you from reaching your goals.


This persevering attitude was recently rewarded with a national spotlight from Good Morning America and a remarkably generous donation made to Disabled But Not Really by the the Craig H. Neilsen Foundation.  recognizing Wes’s commitment to making physical fitness accessible to all.

Adaptive training is all about meeting each person’s needs. Wes crafts individually tailored workouts and movements for people with any variety of disability. He is attentive to the individual needs of his clients, but he is as demanding as any of our other trainers in a commitment to persistent self-improvement and helping others to do the same.

Wes offers remarkable service to the people living with disability with his adaptive training career and through his work with Disabled But Not Really. But he has also used this opportunity as a bridge; reaching out and partnering with marginalized communities of all types. Wes’s journey of self-improvement has led him to embrace the greater challenge of greater purpose.

If you’re interested in sponsoring, volunteering, or donating to Disabled But Not Really, please reach out to info@dbnrkc.org for more information.